Revelation for Progressive Christians

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More material has probably been written about the biblical book of Revelation than the rest of the Bible combined – or at least it can seem that way. What’s more, people who write or talk about Revelation often have a passion that defies all logic. They speak vividly and forcefully about plagues, and judgements, and the end of the world. All interesting themes – but are they the real concern or message of Revelation?

Revelation is a powerful book that was written a long time ago to express a powerful message. Unfortunately, so many people have played with it and interpreted it and have found in it only the things they wanted to find, it’s difficult to “hear” the original intent through all the interpretation. Yet, when we set aside the nonsense and speculation, we find a story of God’s presence with a fractured and frightened community, with a church that had no idea what the future might hold, and with a people who wondered if it was time to give up and abandon what they believed – all of which makes Revelation a perfect book to study in our own time and place, because so many church communities today and so many of the people who inhabit them are all of those things: fractured and frightened, uncertain of what the future might hold, wondering if we should just give up.

Revelation for Progressive Christians is a seven-session study guide that invites readers to explore Revelation as a fun, hope-filled book that contains a lot of fanciful imagery and symbolic references, to be sure, but that, at its core, offers words of assurance and hope to the church and its people today.