New Testament Women for Progressive Christians




This book combines two earlier volumes, and has been slightly updated. Volume 1 is on the verge of going out of print, and several folks had asked for a single volume. Please note that if you have the previous volumes, you basically have the content of this one! Copies of the earlier, separate volumes will continue to be available as long as supplies last.

In 11 sessions (each one of which could stand on its own) Donald Schmidt takes the opportunity to introduce us to a number of women from the New Testament, and invites us to get to know them as they are presented – and not how the historic tradition has sought to render them. In doing so, we get to know some real people and hear the message the writers sought to give about them. Based on a wide range of research and scholarship this book presents Mary the Tower (also known as Mary Magdalene), Lydia and Phoebe who played key leadership roles and worked with the apostle Paul, Tabitha, and others. He also includes several women whose names have been lost but whose stories can teach us much about Jesus’s ministry and the role of women and men in the early church.

Stories of women in the Bible are too often ignored, just like in real life. The women of the New Testament have been shunted to the sidelines, forgotten, or have been sugar-coated or served to us without inspiration. Fortunately, Donald Schmidt has the unique ministry of opening up the stories of women in the Bible in ways that invite us to get to know them, to wonder about their lives and ministries, and to let them teach us about our own faith. – Rev. Kyle Lovett

Donald Schmidt has put together another wonderful read that is accessible to everyone. – Rev. Mary Herbig

This book will help us to liberate the female characters of the New Testament from the sexist perspective through which we have been meeting them, because they need to be re-examined, and today’s women need to be empowered. – Rev. Sunny Kim