New Testament Women for Progressive Christians – vol. 2

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Like most ancient texts, the stories in the Bible – including those from the New Testament – are told from a male perspective, often for purposes that have more to do with supporting traditional male roles than representing the radical inclusiveness Jesus and the earliest Christian communities modelled.

In this six-session study Donald Schmidt explores several stories of women from the New Testament, inviting us to read the biblical stories in a new, and more accurate light.

Schmidt uses some of the latest scholarship to uncover biblical truths that history has long tried to bury. Most intriguing, perhaps, is the recent research that explores the role of Mary Magdalene and brings into question a lot of the “traditional” things we have been told about her.

What reviewers have to say:

“As someone who loves biblical studies, what I appreciate about Donald Schmidt is how he can bring biblical scholarship to lay Christians and make it relevant to their lives. He asks questions that challenge what we think we know about the Bible. Through his questions and narratives, he helps us to see the familiar stories and characters of the Bible through different perspectives. This book will help us to liberate the female characters of the New Testament from the sexist perspectives through which we have been meeting them, because they need to be reexamined, and
today’s women need to be empowered.”

– Rev. Sunny Kim, Sicamous United Church

“Donald Schmidt has put together another wonderful read that’s accessible to everyone. The way he highlights the critical role that women played as indispensable leaders in the early church is powerful and moving.”

– Rev. Mary K. Herbig, Central Union Church, Honolulu, Hawaii