The Bible for Progressive Christians Series

Marcus Borg once said we should take the Bible seriously, but not literally. Wood Lake Publishing’s series of books “The Bible for Progressive Christians” seeks to do just that.

Author Donald Schmidt has a passionate love for the stories of the Bible, stories that have shaped us as a people and as a church for centuries. But sometimes the stories get buried by tradition, and sometimes they get misused and mistreated. This series of studies tries to get behind the layers of tradition that tell us what we have to think, and instead opens up the scriptures in a way that invites us to determine our own understanding. What can the stories of our ancient faith tell us about how to live in today’s world? How is God’s call for justice relevant in the age of computers, global warming, and pandemics? How can we find simple truths in an ancient text that can guide us day by day? That is what these books are about.

Read one (or more) for yourself, or join with others in a formal or informal study, and you will find yourself immersed in a wondrous story, freed from any sense of “this is what you must believe” and able to form your own opinions about texts that hold a vital relevance for today’s living.

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