This paraphrase of the Song of Mary (the Magnificat) is set in the second person, so that the pronouns for God are not gender specific. This paraphrase also takes the passage from being a statement about God, to a proclamation of praise and devotion to God.


With all my heart I praise you, O God!
In the very depths of my being I rejoice in you, my Saviour!
You have looked with favour on me,
even though many see me as a nobody.
From now on, everyone will consider me blessed,
because you, God, have done wonderful things for me!
Your name is indeed holy!
You show mercy to everyone, from one generation to the next,
who honours you as their God.
You have shown great strength with your arm.
You have scattered those with arrogant thoughts,
pulled the powerful from their thrones,
and lifted up the lowly.
You have filled the hungry with good things
and sent the rich away empty-handed.
You have come to the aid of your people,
remembering your mercy, just as you promised to our ancestors.
With all my heart I praise you, O God!