Here are suggestions for a dramatic visual demonstration of this scripture that can be done while it is read aloud. 

A small group of people (three or four) are wearing black and squatting on the floor.

Verse 1: one person begins to stand upward, expressing awe at their surroundings
verses 2–3: others also stand and, as they marvel at what is around them, they also notice one another
verse 4: the group come together, forming a circle facing inward
verse 5: the group simultaneously join palms together in a vibrant clapping motion (although with minimal sound) and carry their arms up over their heads and down to the side
verses 6–8: group stand in silence
verse 9: similar action to verse 5
verses 10–11: the group begin to turn away from one another, presenting somewhat suspect faces
verses 12–13: they rejoin in a circle, holding hands
verse 14: they slowly move in one direction in the circle
verse 15: they pause in silence
verses 16–17: slowly, the group turn to face the congregation, forming a line
verse 18: the group break into wide smiles, and move arms outwards in a gesture of welcome