Tuesday, September 27 and October 4, 2022 – 9-10:30a.m.


Thursday, September 29 and October 6, 2022 – 1-2:30p.m.


via Zoom

New Testament Women for Progressive Christians

Based on his book New Testament Women  for Progressive Christians, Donald will lead a two-part conversation about some of the stories of women in the New Testament and how they can inform our lives today. Key to this will be exploring what might be the fuller story, because the Bible often presents a very sparse story when it comes to women. We’ll look at some of the obscure women, and some of the more familiar ones.

Note: registration is limited to 24 participants. Each of the two classes will deal with 3 sessions of the book. While you do not need a copy of the book to take the class, you will find it helpful. Copies are available here.

November 13, 2022 

10a.m. (Pacific Daylight time)

Central Okanagan United Church, 721 Bernard Ave., Kelowna

Joining by zoom? Click here.

Launching my book Beloved: Being Gay and Christian

I am excited to be launching my newest book about what it’s like to be both gay and Christian! I’ll be reading portions of the book, connecting it with scripture (this is a worship service, after all!) and will be selling copies of the book and signing them after the worship service. All are welcome, either live or via zoom.