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New Testament Women for Progressive Christians

Although women often play a crucial role in the most significant events in the Bible, they are typically cast as secondary characters who are less important than the male lead. Or they are presented as bit players who aren’t even named. Yet these are strong women and we do an injustice to the biblical narrative and a disservice to ourselves if we gloss over them.

This guide takes an intriguing look at some of the women in the New Testament, including Mary Magdalene, Mary the Mother of Jesus, Thecla and Junia, the female disciples and women who are healed or set free from their burdens. These women helped shape and were shaped by Jesus and the early Christian community.

“Stories of women in the Bible are too often ignored, just like in real life. The women of the New Testament have been shunted to the sidelines, forgotten, or have been sugar-coated or served to us without inspiration. Fortunately, Donald Schmidt has the unique ministry of opening up the stories of women in the Bible in ways that invite us to get to know them, to wonder about their lives and ministries, and to let them teach us about our own faith.”  – Rev. Kyle Lovett, in ministry in the Hawai‘i Conference United Church of Christ

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