It’s the first Sunday of Advent. I know, there isn’t a greeting card for the day, and that’s probably just as well – I can’t really see Advent being suited to the corny poetry that often appears in store-bought greeting cards.

But what symbols might we put on one, if we were to design it?

I think, this year especially, I’d have to portray something cold and dreary. I know, for much of the world Advent and Christmas are warmer seasons but I’m Canada and I’m used to the cold. More than that, 2020 has been a pretty cold and dreary year, so that’s what I’d put on a card for Advent.

But in the distance, I’d have some light. Just a bit. But bright, kind of an in-your-face thing. And if I could do it, I’d make the light get bigger over the days of Advent, until it took over the cold and dreary scene.

That’s what I think God does in this season, even in the era of Covid-19. God comes in quietly and softly, and reminds us that we are not alone.

Happy Advent.